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I'm Sam, I'm 22 I fundraise for charity and live in Leeds. The two great loves of my life are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bifta the cat.
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He had it coming, he had it coming, he only had himself to blame 

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Roseanne and Dan: Kicking parenthood gender roles and society in the ass since 1988.

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Chris Pratt behind-the-scenes, Men’s Fitness July-August 2014 [x]

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The way Billy Crudup delivers this line gives me chills every time.

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Michael B. Jordan slowly ruining people’s lives

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They cancelled my shift at work today because of a stupid train delay, so here’s a photo set of me and my new cat (I’m homing him while his owner’s in Africa for a few months) his name is Bifta and he’s the grumpiest little shit, as you can see I am thoroughly in love with him. And also very vain today.

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